May 09
New Halvorson Homes Model

This new model home by Halvorson Homes in on Rotunda Blvd. East in Rotunda, Florida shows off our foam trim nicely, giving the soffet area extra detail and accentuating and finishing off the stack stone veneer.   The square column cap and base trim is our product also.  Rounded sills complete the look.  This job shows off the versatility of foam- the thicknes of pieces had to vary depending on whether or not they were going next to the stack  stone. 


Apr 04
Outdoor Kitchen Trim

This project was an outdoor custom kitchen where the homeowner put a large spanish arch as an elaborate backsplash to the area.  He neede Gingerbread, Inc. to add the final touches- custom fit trim for around the outside edge and a quatrefoil medallion in the middle to frame the dark blue tile.  The homeowner did a spectacular faux finish on top of our foam products to match his tile colors!


Mar 18
Faux Wood Beams

​Just finished this job in South Gulf Cove.  Not something we do everyday but it came out well and the supplier has a mutlitude of different styles even sells faux stone panels for interior or exterior use.  Installation was a snap and the beams are light enough for one person to handle (although two people are still required for installation). 




Feb 10
Cape Haze Residence

​A recent project in the Cape Haze area.  Homeowner installation and a beautiful job at that!  Really happy with the way this house was updated- gave it new life.



Jan 26
Welcome to my blog!

This is where I'll be sharing thoughts and pictures of some of our current projects and other news that impacts Gingerbread, Inc. and our customers.   

If I catch your interest, let me hear from you.

For now here is a snapshot of a entrance building to a community in Lakewood Ranch.  Gingerbread, Inc. provided the brackets, columns, trim detail for the false windows, soffet crown, and even the false fountain over the archway.